Just a few years ago Jakapop penkair was a model celebrity _ thriving on a good blend of knowledge and sweet personality. Not anymore.

Listen to how the smooth-talking man, now the most charismatic leader of the pro-Thaksin and anti-coup campaign, has transformed himself over just the last few months. In an interview with our reporter, Kornchanok Raksaseri, he attacked virtually everyone, from the president of the Privy Council to rival politicians to members of the media.

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Changing governments by coups is very very bad. It completely undermines the transfer of power by legitimate means, completely shreds the Rule of Law. It’s very hard for a country to claw its way back to democracy – the precedent is set to go around the system instead of working within it. Now, people of the world will equate Thailand with Burma, Pakistan and some African nations in the past, seizing power by military force from a government elected by the people. It’s very bad for a military to usurp the civilian government; it will always harbour in the future the urge to go for the option whenever it becomes impatient even if democratic functions are re-established.